"Not Only Angels Have Wings"

Stylish Songs by Karen Blomgren and Clarence Thomson

I'm a Seven and I enjoy a bit of fun. So I wrote lyrics about each of the styles and asked Karen, a richly talented Four, to set it to music. She wrote the nine songs each in a different musical genre! If you know the Enneagram, you could probably guess style Eight would be a military march, but imagine this about a Two, set to soap opera organ music:

"I'm not me if I'm not with you,

I don't pay me much attention,

I'm content when you're the star,

I don't even need a mention."

or a style Five in rap, of all things:

"The riches of the mind are mine to mine

When I'm up in my head, I can really shine.

Just leave me alone, get out of my face

I don't need much but I need my space."

When I published these at Credence Cassettes, they became a best seller. Even to a small Enneagram audience at the time, we sold 2500 copies and got lovely reviews. If you're a teacher or you learn in ways other than just reading, this will be a fine tool.

$9.95, MP3 download, 45 minutes playtime

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