Out of the Box: Coaching with the Enneagram

Mary Bast and Clarence Thomson

This a practical look on how to coach each Enneagram style. Mary and I have 30 years of coaching between us. We took dozens of case histories and explain what we did and how it worked. We give detailed descriptions of what problems our clients faced, how they did and did not cope and our suggestions. This book is for coaches, managers and teachers who deal with personnel problems in the workplace.

"My strategy with your book Out of the Box Coaching...is to give it to my Coaching Clients at their first session (after we have identified their Type using Dr. Wagner's assessment) - and I ask them to note down what really applies to them personally. It is one way to achieve clarity quickly and I'm lazy - so they do the work of telling me what it is they want to work on...and HOW I should Coach them." Dianne Leigh

$7.99 e-book

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