You're Fat; Your Fault?

Clarence Thomson and Dr. Shadrach Smith


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We face an epidemic of obesity. The cultural reasons are well documented and powerful: a severely compromised food supply, public ignorance of nutrition, high stress environments and sedentary living. These are not your fault. We can't help you with them.

But you do have power and responsibility for your personal behavior. When you eat for non-hunger reasons, you eat because of your Enneagram style. You eat neurotically, habitually. These Enneagram habits are difficult to conquer, but you can change. That's what this book is about. The Journal of Medical Association (January, 2005) informed us that most major diets work, but we can't stick to them. Their research showed that the Zone, Weight Watchers, Atkins and Ornish's diets all are effective. But people can't seem to stick to them anyway. When we can't stick to them, we slide back into eating according to our Enneagram habits.

Fat Habits Can Help You with working strategies

There are tons of good books on diet and exercise. This book is about why you don't use them and some suggestions on how to deal with the habits that prevent you from using them.

This is not an easy way to manage weight. There are no easy safe ways to lose weight. You need to change your lifestyle. That's hard and so we'd like to help. The Enneagram is a way to understand and alter some bad habits that are costing you in more currencies (health, money, sexual opportunity, job promotion, athletic pleasure, some friendships) than you may know.

If you'd like the whole book, covering the suggestions for all nine styles, we offer that. You're Fat; Your Fault? is available in e-book form for $12.95

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Just your fat habit, $4.95