Can’t trump Trump

When politicians and pundits describe how politicians tell a fervid base exactly what they want to hear, the use the delightful metaphor of “red meat.” This captures the metaphorical hunger and the snarling enthusiasm of the (especially rabid) crowd.
Enneagram teachers and students are not quite rabid, but they are enthusiastic. So if you are teaching the Enneagram you should be capturing some videos of Donald Trump. He is red meat for anyone wanting to teach the low side of style 8. He illustrates the fixation like a power-point presentation. He starts by seeing the terrain as a battleground. He does not talk about issues and all that stuff: he attacks Obama. He calls him the worst president ever (and this to people who remember Bushes!). He says the way to lower oil prices is to intimidate Saudi Arabia and just go take Libya’s oil. He is vulgar. Many of his talks will be strategically bleeped as the pious Tea Party roars approval – think red meat. He is simplistic. He is right, Obama is wrong. He prefers violence as a solution. His four letter word for negotiation is wimp. He is a bully. He simply refuses to answer questions he doesn’t want to or can’t. He says, “Excuse me,” and then interrupts. He divides the world into good guys and bad guys. America is good, everyone else is bad.
It isn’t often we get audio-visual aids for teaching the enneagram this vivid and thorough. Bon appetite!
He lies a lot, but that is not a low 8 characteristic.