Latest scandal

I’ve tried to ignore the hoopla about the sex life of Petraeus but he does have an Enneagram style. Here columnist Tom Englehardt captures the essence of a fixated style Three:

Until he made the mistake of recruiting his own “biographer” (and lover), he proved a PR prodigy . He was, in a sense, the real life military version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jay (“the Great”) Gatsby, a man who made himself into the image of what he wanted to be and then convinced others that it was so.
And Gatsby was an archetypal style 3, too.

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A new kind of leadership

The Gallup business journal says that because price and quality are so easily achieved in so many different places, a new kind of leadership is needed. They describe it as learning how to quantify the mindset of people.
This new kind of leadership is an algorithm, a step-by-step process, and you have to get the first step right or you will get everything that follows wrong. That’s why you must quantify states of mind before you act. If you make decisions based on assumptions rather than data, you’ll only make things worse. And leaders must be able to understand human nature, the states of mind prevailing in the constituency that they’re creating strategies for. If they don’t, they’ll make mistakes.
The way companies are doing this now is by gathering detailed, almost exhaustive information about their constituents. And when your constituents are you employees, knowing their enneagram styles would be most helpful. You don’t motivate a Three and a Five or a Seven and a One in the same way. If you are using the Enneagram in business, the Gallup Journal article (liked below) would be a lovely intro.

Nine and Three

Under pressure, our Enneagram habits emerge, sometimes to our detriment, sometimes to our advantage. But the traces are there.
In the election, Romney, a Three, relied heavily on image, with an etch-a-sketch approach that meant he would change into whatever image was necessary.
Obama, a Nine, couldn’t think fast on his feet in the first debate, but won the election by inclusivity and a ground game. Nines often are powerful in setting up structures. (Think of the USPost Office, with it’s standard rigid rules but detailed distribution system.