Our Enneagram style begins with a focus of attention: not what we are looking at, but what we are looking for. In one sense, our style is a search engine. Many thinkers worry about a self-reinforcing loop that the internet makes possible. We look at the same sites – our favorites – and we ask the same or similar questions. Some relate to the polarization of our political culture to this habit. Each side reads only sites and authors that they trust.

Our Enneagram style is similar. We look for the same thing(s) in each context. A six will look for security, an eight for power and a three for applause. Then when we find what we are looking for, our worldview is reinforced and we know we are right.

The ultimate “spin” is selection. Lying is for amateurs, selection of facts is how we deceive ourselves. Trust me. 🙂

If you have children

I taught the Enneagram last night. One of the group had children which reminded me that Winnie the Pooh has all nine Enneagram styles.
1- Rabbit
2- Mother Roo
3- Beaver
4- Eyore(sp) (the donkey)
5- Owl
6- Piglet
7- Tigger
8- Christopher Robin
9- Winnie the Pooh

The popularity of WTP is not an accident. Genius sometimes gets recognized.


Sooner or later, you should have realized I would put in a commercial. Here ’tis.

I will be teaching the Enneagram (focus on spiritual direction) in the Fellowship Hall of the South Broadland Presbyterian church here in Kansas City, MO (7850 Holmes Road) each Tuesday night during Lent. (First class is Feb. 24th). 6:30 – 8 pm. Contact Shad Smith at 816 289 6924 to tell them you’re coming.
No previous experience required and no book to buy. It’s a small congregation so I won’t just lecture; we’ll have some participation.
I model my teaching on the Liberal Arts. I use music, poetry, stories and simple explanations. I try to get you to experience your style.