Even more complex

Generalizations are one of the three main ways that we distort information. Lying and omitting truth are the other two.
Our Enneagram style is a generalization (if you have these characteristics, you belong to style 8, for example).

So one of the things we can do is to break up our generalizations. The books already give you three – the subtypes. You can, if you are subtle, also recognize connections to your connecting points.

May I suggest another way to know yourself a bit clearer: your preferred mode of learning. I am an verbal, largely audio learner. I can’t take good notes – they are too distracting. My best friend in college wrote notes furiously. We both did well. Think carefully about how you learn, especially so you can value this when you are coaching.

May I give a political example? Ben Carson is a surgeon. I’ll bet he is a kinesthetic learner. I hope so: I want a brain surgeon with a keen sense of where things are. The other reason I’ll bet he is a kinesthetic knower is that he entitled his book, “Gifted Hands.” He knew and rejoiced in his authentic talent. So when he said he should be president, he said it was because he was smart. Probably an unfortunate generalization. Gifted hands do not an orator make nor do they assure us he is interpersonally persuasive.