Fours magnify

Every style has certain habits that can create problems but are also what make them function well. With Fours, it is the tendency to magnify feelings, especially of melancholy, but not exclusively that. Fours feel more intensely than most others, which can move them to creativity or despair. More than most, their inner feelings dominate their experience; the outer world is important, but not as important as their feelings about it.
Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors said, “Reality is in black and white, but my imagination is in color.”

Nines search

Style Nines love their comfort – both physical and emotional. They will, however, sacrifice physical comfort for emotional comfort at times. They want peace and harmony, and if conflicts can’t be resolved by negotiation with others, they will withdraw into themselves and put themselves to sleep, with a variety of means (actual sleep, couch potato TV watching, or appetite).

Eights look for

Eights see the world as a battlefield, so they look for power. Very specific kinds of power — power in the external world (not intellectual or aesthetic or social, although if they see social power in the right way, they do want that. They want physical or economic power more than any other kind. They especially value power over their environment and in some cases of being less evolved, power over other people.

You will see it expressed often as the ability to “get stuff done.”

Sevens search

Sevens focus like a strobe light: looking for what is new and exciting. Their search is a way of not feeling the fear they have of confinement or boredom. When you’re running away, any direction works, so Sevens look for whatever will enable them not to feel their fear. I’m a Seven. When I was younger, someone asked what I would put on my tombstone. Without reflection I answered “Deny everything and keep moving.”

Sixes search

Sixes search for security. Their search manifests itself in some good and some troublesome ways. They constantly scan their environment. I’ll bet they have the fewest traffic accidents. They affiliate well – make friends (after establishing trust which may be a problem) and after they make friends they are extremely loyal. Perversely, they search for intellectual security by doubting. They look for what is behind what is said. (Context, motive, what is missing).

Fives seek

Fives deal with the world by understanding it. Information gives them power and their place in the world. It’s not quite true that information is love but I do notice that frequently Fives show affection by sharing information. I finally understand why rather distant professors in college would be dedicated teachers and would also be quite willing to help students with information but wanted no social relationships with them.

Fours look for

In my experience, Fours look for deep connection. The literature says they seek to be unique and that is certainly true, but because they often feel like outsiders they seek connection. Not any connection, that would not match their inner intensity — they look for deep connection, usually with only a few people.

Threes look for

Style Threes look for where they can be seen as they excel. Threes work very hard but usually have someone or some group in mind that should be applauding if the universe is working properly. Applause or some similar form of appreciation is water for their dry ground.

What Twos look for

Style Twos look for relationships and assume the best way to create them is to be helpful. Consequently, they look for people who need help. Twos expect that whatever help they offer will be welcome…and many expect also the favor will be returned in some way. When Twos are on their game, they just look to be helpful and are not concerned about a return on their emotional investment. If they are fixate, they invest with the understand they will get a return on their investment. (If they do, they will be perceived as needy, even though their starting point is they don’t have needs.)

Ones look for

Style Ones under stress look for what is wrong with this picture. Their search tells them what is wrong in order to make things better. Many Ones are misunderstood: they criticize as an act of love or creativity but unless you understand the good intention behind the criticism, you will feel attacked.