Sixes again

In my last blog I suggested the US, usually a style 3 country, is behaving more like a style 6. Several of you reminded me that under stress (which we all assume/acknowledge) style 3 goes to style 9.
I don’t accept arrows or directions of integration and disintegration. I’ve seen a lot of my clients go to both the high and low sides of their stress/security points. A Nine might worry/obsess like an unhealthy Six or deal with inertia by joining a group that takes action like a healthy Six.

Exhibit A might be the US right now. Like a frightened Six, we just elected a “strong man” to protect us. (I’m the only one who can save you.DJT) We are promised a protective wall to save us from danger. Trump has assured us that the world is a dangerous place. The fear did not start with Trump, tho. Those yellow and yellow-to orange flags and stories of lurking danger under Bush set us up. These beliefs are all characteristics of unhealthy sixes.

On the other hand, healthy counter phobic sixes take action and are especially good at building community and organizing. The protests are first of all a form of union. Critics and supports both say “They all have different agendas.” Yes. The meta-agenda is union. Healthy Sixes want friends.
Healthy sixes build alliances and so millions are upset that we have alienated Australia, Germany, Mexico, all the members of NATO and a percentage of a billion Muslims.
Some pundits are saying this is a battle for the soul of the US. I would say it is a battle to see which side of Six prevails.
Will we make friends or will we ramp up our military so that we are stronger than everyone.

A Six nation?

All the dozen or so enneagram teachers I know or work with have agreed that to the extent you can categorize a nation as having an Enneagram style, the USA is a style Three.

However, under stress, style 3 can access the energy of style 6.
The US is acting very much like a style 6 nation right now. The level of fear is high on all sides. Trump followers fear people with darker skin – black or brown or yellow –will take their place. Protesters in the street fear the breakdown of law and rules of congressional procedure which are dismissed as “political correctness.

Everyone is afraid of the chaos. Sixes employ what is called “anticipatory anxiety,” in which the fear is greatest when it is unknown. Woody Allen, a phobic Six, tells Judah in Crimes and Misemeanors that if he gets away with murder that would be the greatest fear of all — that there is no justice in the world.

The usual and best action that Sixes take is to belong to a community. Sixes are frequently the glue of every bureaucracy, parish, family and sporting team. They build and nourish community.
What will frighten a six nation more than anything is feeling friendless– alone without allies. Walls and bans and bluster will help a certain group, but Sixes are most fearful when they are alone.