7 – 1, 1 – 7

I’ve been under the weather a while and have been watching some politics with my Enneagram lens. I’m intrigued by the 7 – 1 combinations I see. Sevens and Ones are each other’s shadow. A One can go to the low side of 7 or the high side. And a 7 can go to the high side of One or the high side.

When I watch Steven Colbert, he is a clear 7 with the moral outrage at the political scene that is his integrated One. While Bill Maher is a One, filled with outrage at religion, politics and assorted peeves, he has enough humor so that he has integrated his 7 side.

Then, go to MSNBC. At 8PM CST, Rachel Maddow, a champagne Seven who is a master teacher, makes us understand how to connect dots. Notice it’s all about research and explanation. She has some interviews, but it mostly her teaching us.

That’s followed immediately by Lawrence O’Donnell who does not teach as much as he preaches. He comes from a position of moral rectitude and uses a lot of interviews of people who will talk about his central concern. If you count the number of superlatives in his lectures (most, best, worst, finest in the history of …) you get in touch with his black and white thinking that Ones can do when they are sure they are correct.