6 news

I routinely admonish Sixes not to watch the evening news. The news reinforces everything about the low side of Six. First of all, it reports only bad stuff. 1.2 million people in Kansas City went to bed happy. Two people got shot and they are the pictures on the 6 O’clock news. Your worst fears are told and retold if you are a Six: The world is a dangerous place and tragedy strikes when you least expect it. So if you’re a Six, don’t watch the news.

Sixes are difficult for many people to identify because they are a lovely contradiction: they are profoundly pessimistic – the worst that can happen is probably sure to to happen. (I know probably and sure are in conflict but I’ve heard them say stuff like that.)
But Sixes are usually socially aware and pleasant –many Sixes smile and make friends with everyone in order to be safe.

So the Six O’clock news has these beautiful young (blondes, usually on Fox) women, brimming with charm and personality, telling us awful things. The contrast between their camera-ready charm and the carnage they report is jarring. It is the problem of style Six on steroids: the content of their expectations is awful and their personalities are very attractive. That’s why they are often called a bundle of contradictions.