Pay attention

The two most common currencies in our life are money and attention. On our TV screens we can pay with money (pay per view) or attention (to ads).
Attention, like our money, is a currency and it is limited. We can only pay attention to one thing at a time. (Multi-tasking is possible only if one of the things don’t require attention. Try to do math in your head while navigating traffic). What we pay attention to says as much about us as what we spend our money on.

One way we can weaken the hold our Enneagram style has on us is to be conscious of what we pay attention to. If we are not aware of how we focus our attention, our Enneagram style is our default position. Long before we decide what to do, we should decide what we will pay attention to. Our Enneagram style is our attention habits of which are are only vaguely to subliminally aware.
Our Enneagram style starts with a focus of attention, but it isn’t only what we’re looking at, it is what we are looking for – what we want to give our attention to.