In addition to our central Enneagram style’s patterns, the Enneagram diagram points to resources that style has. For example, if you are a style One, you have a connection to Seven and Four. When you are searching for strategies for personal growth, these Enneagram energies are resources.

I’ll go through the styles and do what might be called “abstract coaching,” in the sense that within the patterns of each style, here are some suggestions. Your individual situation will require nuance, either from a coach or your own imagination.

Let’s start with style One. Style One has a connection to style Four. Style Ones self-erase and over identify with some larger cause (the law, your religious principles, your political party). What gets lost is your individual subjective approach, which is where style Four excels. So instead of criticizing yourself (your usual habit), consider cultivating the high side of style Four, which can be done by cultivating your aesthetic, subjective inclinations. Don’t ask, is this good music, ask, do I like it? Perhaps cultivate a hobby that prizes subjective appreciation/judgment like fashion or art or music.
The preference of style One is for objectivity, the preference for style Four is subjectivity. Balance is wonderful.