Fat Friday

Tis the day after Thanksgiving.  The turkey stuffing is gone, but the people are stuffed.  The scene is a good opportunity to learn that we eat for many other reasons than the biological purpose of nourishment. We eat for pleasure, for ritual, for sociability and even out of deference to the cook. Brian Wankink’s book, Mindless Eating, delineates a wide variety of reasons that influence our eating other than our conscious one. An Enneagram coach must be aware not to place too much weight on the conscious reasons people give for doing things. The conscious reason will be true, but will not be complete until you are able to integrate the enneagram motivation that is usually present. In addition to the cornucopia of influences that Wansink unearths in his delightful research, we all probably ate (perhaps even too much) for our enneagram reason, too.