We’re hardwired

The planet is on fire. Most people know that. Things are melting, burning and shifting. But we don’t do much about it. Why not?
Besides political and economic corruption, we are not, as an animal species, much moved by long term prospects. People who know cancer statistics smoke, obesity is quite obvious to see but we don’t do much. Mostly we don’t.
If I’m foreclosed or I bang my knee or my tire goes flat. I do something quickly. So does everyone.
So when we are coaching people, beware of long term goals that conflict with our Enneagram styles. Trying to coach a One not to take personal offense at moral slippage or trying to get a Five to develop charisma in office is futile.
All coaching that goes against the grain for an Enneagram style must begin with acknowledging specific pain and then taking small steps that the client acknowledges will work. The steps must be small but they should be symbolic and interfere with the pattern in questions, For example, I had a style Nine make a “to do” list but titled it “I want to do,” and then evaluate it. He has to learn that he does have a right to an agenda. Telling him won’t help much, but the small act might reach him.