Corporate culture

In Matt Taibbi’s book, Griftopia , he describes the unsettling moral culture of the big banks. It was not just a few scurrilous CEO’s who sold the homes to people who couldn’t afford them. Layer upon layer of bank employees knew full well they were lying, cheating and stealing as a matter of routine bank policy . But the corporate culture was such that hundreds did it.
A similar pattern must prevail at Monsanto. They falsify tests. employ goons to terrorize farmers, poison foods and bees and metaphorically poison the political process. There is a sociopathic culture that enables fine scientists to commit objectively criminal activities.
I assume, as do many Enneagram teachers that companies tend often (not always, of course. Microsoft is an 8 company started by a style 5, Bill Gates) reflect the Enneagram style of the founder. If huge companies like Monsanto and B of A have a consistent culture, then smaller organizations will also have a consistent culture. It will be important to know the Enneagram style (and ethics) of the CEO because the whole company can be profoundly influenced.