How our Enneagram habit works

Many Enneagram scholars trace the origins of the Enneagram back to the 4th century monk, Evagrius. He described 9 states of our soul that are troublesome and his states fit the contemporary Enneagram fairly well.
He called these states logismoi a Greek word coming from “logos” which we usually translate as “word” or “reason” depending on context. That’s where we get the various cognates: logical, psychology, anthropology etc.
When you read the early Church Fathers, as they are called, they often attribute their temptations and spiritual struggles to their logismoi.
Here’s how the dynamics of the logismoi act out according to one early writer, Maximos:

Assault – the logismoi first attacks a person’s mind
Interaction – a person opens up a dialogue with the logismoi
Consent – a person consents to do what the logismoi urges him to do
Defeat – a person becomes hostage to the logismoi and finds it more difficult to resist
Passion or Obsession – the logismoi becomes an entrenched reality within the nous of a person (Translate nous as soul)

Is that your experience of your Enneagram style?