Unfortunately, tis so

The news today reports on the Wall Street intern who died from working all night for 3 days in a row. That is what happens when you think people are machines: you just drive them further, harder, longer.
Within the Enneagram, we should keep in mind that our biological systems differ from person to person. Mechanical thinking flattens or ignores our inner differences. The machine mentality that killed that poor intern may not kill us, but it does make us stupid. Ask the teachers who are “teaching to the tests” mandated by No Child Left Behind. The standardization destroys real learning.
So while we are in a back to school mode and wanting not to be mechanical…what is your learning style? What do you do well and what do you do poorly. And as a coach I will tell you to do as little of what you do poorly as you can. Do more of what you do well.
The Enneagram is an excellent way to break down the standardization inculcated in our schools and cultivated in corporations.