It’s not alright unless it’s all right

She’s wearing her white expensive gown on her wedding day and her favorite 3 year old nephew comes up and hugs her. He has been eating blueberry cobbler. Now she is wearing some of it on her dress. Is her dress/day/wedding/life ruined?
If she is a One, that’s the impression you will get. A friend of mine said I “trashed” my pickup truck because I didn’t fix the lock on the glove box. That was the only thing wrong with it. He’s a One.
Here’s an exercise for all you Ones. The next time you feel critical, ask yourself what percentage of the problem is total. By calculating the percentage of damage/malice/stupidity, you give yourself a quick chance to avoid the black and white thinking that plagues many Ones. It’s all right if you only remember to do it some of the time.