Just My Fat Habits

Lose Weight with Your Enneagram Style

If you know your Enneagram style and just want your Fat Habit chapter, we also offer that. Of course, if you are not quite sure what your style is, I'd be happy to assist you in your discovery. Call me at 913.376.3337 or you can also email me at coach@fairpoint.net

OR you can obtain all nine for just $12.95

Each Fat Habit Chapter includes:

  1. Introduction by Dr. Shadrach Smith
  2. A brief description of your Enneagram style.
  3. Stories of success and failure of your style.
  4. Pitfalls and effective strategies for your style.
  5. The eating habits of your style - described.
  6. Suggestions on how to use your Enneagram focus to make healthy eating easier.

$4.95 each for immediate download

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